Topic: How to use SKP1000 tablet key pro program 2015 Buick Excelle XT/GT remote key.
Chip model: 70 big capacity
remote control frequency: 433MHZ
Unlock direction: Counterclockwise
OBD position: under the steering wheel
Comes with another NO.1 & NO.2 ignition lock: NO
Able to copy: No
Need pin code: Yes (get from 4s store or the service station, it is incorrect by reading the password on Chassis)
The remote control is able to generate: Yes
Chip Programmer: SKP1000 tablet key programmer
Remote control match tool: manually
Part 1: Program key with SKP1000 tablet key programmer
Choose “Immobilizer”, then “GM”
Tap “2015 Excelle XT/GT Key”
Electronic immobilizer system

Tap “Add key”, another option is “All key lost”. Iif you want the lost keys unable, choose “All key lost”.
SKP1000 detect the original car has two pieces of working keys, tap “Yes” to continue.
Please input the password.

Initializing system, please wait…
Configuring system, please wait for 10 minutes.
Turn off the ignition switch, pull out the key, tap “Yes” to continue.
Configuring system, please wait…
Again insert the key and turn on the ignition and keep for 5 seconds until the double flashing lights on, then tap “Yes” to continue.

Turn the ignition switch to the OFF position, use the new key to start the car to test if the key can work, tap “No” to continue.
Part 2: Remote control match
The chip is programmed successfully and the key generated automatically.